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Tagging Info & Accepted Items


April 13, 2024 @11:00pm



  • Spring and Summer Clothing - Infant through Girls(16), Boys(20), Junior Sizing also

  • (Size 18 months and under: Limit 20 per sex per consignor) Pick your best 20 outfits between the sizes of 0-18 months. 20 total-NOT 20 in each size (This includes anything on a hanger.)

  • Junior Sizes (Teen Sizes)-(1,3,5, etc. Limit of 20 per consignor) WILL BE VERY STRICT WITH THIS, Please don't bring women's clothing

  • All other sizes- NO LIMIT!!!

  • Shoes/boots will be accepted if in near-perfect condition (limit of 10 per consignor) The limit is 10 total. This will be strictly enforced. Shoes must be in Ziploc bags and taped closed w/tag pinned to the front of the bag OR zip-tied together.

  • Dance Outfits;  Halloween Costumes/Dress Up (only in Fall/Winter Sale)

  • Clean Equipment - strollers, high chairs, toddler beds, swings, furniture, etc.

  • Toys, books, DVD's, games, puzzles

  • Sports Equipment, Outdoor Play Equipment

  • Anything in good condition that children use! 


  • NO CRIBS WILL BE ACCEPTED unless manufactured after June 28, 2011. 

  • NO Bedding unless for a crib

  • No clothing in bags will be accepted for this sale.  This includes onesies, sleepers, t-shirts, etc. 

  • Crib Mattresses WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED unless they are being sold with a Crib or Toddler Bed

  • No Stuffed Animals unless new in the box or tags attached

  • VHS tapes are no longer being accepted

  • Pass It On is no longer accepting used Car Seats (this includes stroller systems with car seats),  used Breast Pumps, Maternity Clothing, used bottle nipples, pacifiers or worn underwear or Crib Bumpers, (unless they are the breathable ones)


  • Working Batteries must be included with toys. (Dollar Store has batteries)

  • Sets tend to sell better (under size 8) than separate items.  Match up separates if you can.

  • Clothes must be clean with no stains, tears, or missing buttons.

  • Out of date clothing (Anything older than 5 years will not be accepted). Please pay attention to this, if your child is 5 or 6 you should not still be bringing their baby items to the sale. The ultimate would be to bring items that are from the previous year or season.

  • $3.00 Minimum on all items.

  •  Secure all buttons, zippers, and snaps.

  • Baby furniture, equipment, and toys should be clean, have all parts and have all small pieces placed in a Ziploc bag.  Secure the bag to the main part with clear packaging tape or a zip tie. 

  • Equipment needs to be completely assembled at drop-off.

  •  Spend a little extra time getting your items ready.  A little bleach, an iron or a needle and thread work wonders! Please help us maintain high standards by checking your items before bringing them in.


Supplies Required

  • Light-colored Cardstock/Coverstock (60-67 LB) to print your bar-coded cards on (10 cards will print to each page). You can use scissors to cut these out, a scrapbooking paper cutter or go to Staples and use their large paper cutter.

  • Wire hangers (No plastic hangers even for infant sizes)

  • One inch or larger Safety Pins and/or a tagging gun. (Tag on a seam or on a tag in the clothing piece)

  • Zip ties, clear packing tape, ribbon, or string  for items you can't pin

  • Plastic zip or slide lock bags (to hold accessories/parts), TAPE IT CLOSED!

Information on Tags

  1. Consignor ID - This will be a numerical # that will be assigned to you by our tagging service and will remain the same for future events.

  2. Size - (Numerical Only no S, M, L XL for any items) Tags with S, M, etc. are often placed in the wrong size and they don't sell.
    0-3 months; 3-6 months; 6-9 months; 9-12 months; 12 months; 18 months; 24 months
    2T, 3T, 4T, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 14, 16 (18 and 20 boys)
    Juniors for girls (Sizes 0, 1, 3, etc.)  Please leave the size blank and put Juniors and the size in the description.  There was confusion about whether it was a 7 junior or 7 girls so this will alleviate this problem.

  3. Description -Use this space to sell your item!  Is it a Name brand?  New or Like New? A good description also helps Pass It On find its match if it falls off.

  4. Discount - Check the box if you want your item to be sold at 1/2 price during the half-price sale.  If the box IS NOT checked the item will sell for full price for the length of the sale.

  5. Donate - A "Yes" will indicate that you WILL NOT be taking that item home after the sale and Pass It On will be donating the item on your behalf. Check the box if you want to donate.

  6. Price - The minimum price on all items must be $3.00.If an item will not bring in $3 by itself bundle items together. PRICE TO SELL!  (The tagging service will give you other options for pricing but Pass It On would prefer what is stated above.)


Gather your items in a neat pile beside your computer.  To make inputting the easiest consignors want to separate clothing by gender and size. 

For example have 1 pile of 3T-girls, 1 pile of 4T-boys, and 1 pile of books.

This can be done in stages, it doesn't all need to be done at once. When you are ready to print your tags make sure your computer is allowing pop-ups. The tags pop up in a new window so you need to enable that feature. Please make sure your bar codes look readable and don't blend into each other. Please don't make any handwritten changes to your tags. If you make any changes to an item in your inventory you must print a new tag. 


Hangers: Clothing must be on wire hangers. (Some cleaners will give you hangers if you ask.  If you still have a need for hangers, I will have them available. The price will be $10.00 for 50 hangers. Subject to change)

With the hanger hook pointing to the left, like a? (see picture) place the tag on the right shoulder if the garment is facing you, the actual left shoulder of the garment.  If you are using the Tagging Gun please put the printed card through the inside tag on the clothing or on the underarm.  Use 2 barbs to secure it, that means click the tagging gun twice. Pin sets securely together by hanging the shirt first, then turn the hanger over and pin the pants by the waist (see pictures at bottom of this page) to the backside of the hanger, with the pin catching the hanger to support the pants. (Both pieces can now be viewed without unpinning them.)

*You will need to hang your clothes in the correct sizes at drop-off.

Pins: Use one-inch or larger safety pins on the tags.  (No tiny gold pins or straight pins.) Place the pin horizontally in the space allotted on the tag and catch the garment twice.  Place sturdy tape over pin for more security of your items)

Non-Clothing Items: Any nonclothing item - toy, book, video, baby equipment, etc. needs a tag printed, minus the size and taped to the object at the top of the tag, pinned to object, or zip-tied to the object.  Please use a strong tape like packing tape or painter's tape, the scotch tape does not hold. PLEASE ONLY PUT TAPE ON THE TOP OF THE TAG NOT THE ENTIRE TAG so it can come off at check out and be scanned.

Toys do not have to be in bags, only small items that go with the toy. For example, if you are bringing a Little People Garage, gather the Little People and cars and put them in a Ziploc bag, and attach them to the Garage with a zip tie or packing tape.

Group small items such as socks, bottles, etc. in Ziploc bags.  Pin the card on the outside of the bag.  Please seal the top of the bag with packaging tape to keep all items together. At dropoff inspection, any inconsistencies will have to be redone on your own time.

To minimize Lost and Found items you have the choice of including your consignor # separate of the pinned/taped bar-coded tag.  Consignors may handwrite their # onto masking tape or print out their # using address labels.  If consignors include the price of the item on each label it will allow Pass It On a better chance of selling the item instead of just returning it to you at the end of the sale.  Attach to the inside sleeve or waistband of each article of clothing or to the outside of other items. 

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